Selling services overseas: international trade regulations

You have probably come across this website previously – mainly because it’s part of UKTI.  If not then it’s a useful resource around International Trade Regulations.

  1. Legal issues for international trade in services
  2. Delivering services internationally
  3. Marketing services internationally
  4. UK regulations and taxes for international trade in services
  5. Overseas regulations and taxes when supplying services internationally
  6. International services and intellectual property
  7. Payment for international trade in services

The document covers the range of articles listed above to provide useful information and resources to find more detail.

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Understand the Meanings of Colour in Various Cultures Around the World

Another article looking at the impact of colour  in relation to international markets and clients.  Making sure that you build a website using the correct colours is important for different markets.

For example the colour red promotes the following thoughts / feelings in the different cultures:

  • Australian Aboriginals: Land, earth
  • China: Good luck, celebration, summoning
  • Hebrew: Sacrifice, sin
  • India: Purity
  • South Africa: Colour of mourning
  • Eastern: Worn by brides, happiness and prosperity
  • Western: Excitement, danger, love, passion, stop, Christmas (with green), Valentine’s Day

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Seven tips for global e-commerce

A good report from eConsultancy.  There are a selection of statistics which assist with positioning and overcoming some of the issues with an ecommerce website.

In the US, one in 10 products are restricted from leaving the United States. Case-in-point: a crate of Bath Ducks were destroyed before they could reach their destination because an automated scanner identified them as ‘livestock’.

It covers communication, need to understand the customers and market.

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The need to get your International Marketing correct

I’m always looking for failed campaigns in the area of marketing to use with the students at Warwick.  Here’s a light hearted post of a selection of campaigns which highlight the need to understand and ensure that the message is correct for the right market.

If you have some more you’ve come across feel free to post them in the comments.

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Webcertain Global Search and Social Report 2013

We’ve made use of the previous versions of this report and feature it in the relevant UKTI guides.  The two article links provide a copy of the Search and Social Report as well as the impact of Mobile in 28 countries.

Article 1: The Webcertain Global Search and Social Report 2013

Article 2: The Webcertain Global Mobile Report 2013

The Challenges Of Website Optimisation Across Spanish Speaking Markets

Another good recommended post from a consultant.

It’s makes for an interesting read but highlights the importance of understanding the local culture and nuances of language used within a locality.  The underlying point I’ve pulled out is grasping that the language in this case may be Spanish but the interpretation and usage within the different countries is sometimes very different.

A least I now know how not to ask for a bus in Argentina……

Article 1: