Quality Versus Quantity and Cost in International Web Translation

With all the changes in the way Google indexes and positions websites the focus has clearly switched from Quantity to Quality.

However the majority of businesses still rush when translating information and do a quick job resulting in quantity of information that is badly presented and not in the correct context for the chosen market.

If you’re going to spend time and money going into new markets and translating your website, you need to do it properly, otherwise it’s just wasted resources and a potential risk to the reputation of your brand.

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Boost ECommerce Sales through Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting or Geo-marketing provides the ability to provide different content to specific geographic areas.   Typically this uses the IP address of the user to then identify their geographic location.

In a website this will then result in specific content being delivered to that user, either redirecting to a version of the website in a specific language or driving different content and offers based on the geographic location.

The full article address 10 points to make geo-targeting relevant to a business and provides reasons as to how it can effectively be used to generate revenue.

For example simple things such as;

  • displaying information regards availability of services to that location
  • localised testimonials
  • application of localised tax rates
  • displaying the correct currency for the user

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