Update to Google Top Level Domains

Google have recently updated the generic list of top-level and regional domains it recognises.

Domains classed as Generic TLDs can be geo-targeted in Googles webmaster tools and hence enable the user to use directory structures for internationalisation of a website.

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Article showing the additions:


Googles recognised page for Geo-Targeted Domains in webmasters:


Extend the reach and maximise your content posts

Have you noticed many changes in Google’s search results, such as the inclusion of peoples faces against articles, and review stars for products and services.  If your clients are making use of blogs to raise their profile and hopefully drive traffic to relevant content and a website then this article explains how to improve the richness of the information appearing in the search results.

You may have heard about ‘Rich Snippets’ in various places, but do you actually know what they are.  When i’ts now possible to get product images, photographs, reviews and videos to appear next to a search result, it’s something we should all be looking at implementing.

This article refers to snippets and authorship within Google’s search results and how it increases traffic.

In relation to International search, the principles work the same, it’s comes down to ensuring your articles contain the correct tags to send rich data.  If you’re making use of Google’s Webmasters tools then you can even view the snippets that Google is seeing to ensure that they present the best content to the user.

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Google Changes the Algorithm – What does that mean for 2013

Google has made over 34 changes in the last twelve months, making the area of search optimisation an increasingly difficult area.

These have included

  • revisions to Panda (on site page and layouts),
  • the release of Penguin (marking the end of link building),
  • Exact Match Domains (EDM) losing their authority and
  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) increasingly displaying 7 results instead of 10.

The article covers 5 areas to focus your thoughts on what this means moving forward.

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How many businesses make use of internet marketing?

Is Internet Marketing a useful strategy?  Are small business making use of the various tools available for marketing the business effectively?

A survey conducted on small businesses by the Citibank revealed some important stats about small businesses and how such businesses foresee the internet as a medium for marketing.

  • 70% of the respondents agreed they used the internet for marketing purposes
  • 60% of the businesses stated they used email ads
  • 40% used social media platforms.

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Geo Targeting Websites – gTLD, ccTLD

This article revisits the concepts around Domain Names and there relevancy to search engines.  It provides an easy view of the whole Generic and Country Specific Domain names and how they can affect a websites positioning within the various search engines.  In addition there’s a link to a Google Webmasters video explaining how the various domain name structures function, in their eyes.

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