Targeting South Korea for SEO

With an internet penetration of 82.5% and a staggering wireless broadband penetration of 99.3%, South Korea is one of the most mature online markets in the world. The country is very active in terms of ecommerce, with the average South Korean internet user spending half an hour every day doing online shopping.

Naver is the country’s most popular search engine, with a market share of 70%.

Another useful article from Webcertain on how to work with the Naver search engine again through on-page and off-site techniques.

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International SEO Tips

A short article covering a number of areas we’ve discussed a number of times over the months, but are always good to go over and reinforce the best practice points regards SEO and International websites.  Taken from talks delivered at the Search Engine Strategy conference held in London during February of this year.

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Australia a growing market online

Australia is becoming a growing market in the online world.

As a country it boasts one of the highest uptakes of the internet in the world, with 89.8% of the population online, totalling 19.5 million internet users. It is also the fourth largest ecommerce market in Asia-Pacific and its value of online sales is expected to reach $31bn (2013), with the average Australian consumer spending an impressive £842 per year online.

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Call To Action or Messages – depends on culture

An interesting article discussing relevant use of CTAs or messaging, dependant on culture.  It wraps up with the following statement.

Call-to-actions are very important in English, the language of marketing. It however sounds unnatural in some other languages and cultures and in some cases, can reflect negatively on your brand. The messaging you use in your ads needs to be relevant to what you are offering, but also tailored to the audience you are targeting, which can vary dramatically, even  between countries which share the same language.

Read the full article to get a better understanding.

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SEO Periodic Table

You will have seen me refer to the Search Engine Periodic Table before and in workshop sessions.  The article goes further and digs deeper into the various areas of the Periodic Table to help you understand how the particular factor influences search engine performance.

Each particular area has associated articles which provide clear explanation and a range of useful tips.

Article 1: