The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Baidu SEO

A suggested article from one of the consultants regards SEO and Baidu.

It gives a very good concise overview of key areas to address to ensure good position in the search engine.  It looks at the following four areas and provides clear guidance on what’s required.

  • Content Requirements
  • Technical Requirements
  • Link Building Requirements
  • Chinese Law Requirements

It finishes with a look at a keyword tool for usage in the Chinese market.

If you have clients looking at developing presence on-line in China it is well worth a read.

Article 1:

Article 2:

Increasing Conversions – Three lessons from 2013

The article highlighted links to three test carried out by the author looking at various changes in email and landing pages and the effect of using specific words and CTA  (Call To Action) positioning.

It makes for an interesting read, especially as one of the best practice recommendations – ‘Placing all CTAs above the fold’ – actually when tested shows a completely different result.

The articles  have lots of very useful links to additional pages which will keep you reading more and more about CTAs.

Main article: read here

Article 1: read here

Article 2: read here

Article 3: read here

20 Tips for good PPC campaigns -10 Good / 10 bad

A good number of businesses are starting to investigate the use of paid advertising across the various channels such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

PPC is a very costly method of advertising if not carried out correctly addressing the correct user, testing the ad copy, designing effective landing pages, targetting the correct locations and making use of correct languages.

The article is fairly simple but the points raised should help with PPC campaigns that works.

Article: read here

How to Make and eCommerce website SEO friendly

These two articles present a number of simple tasks to assist in ensuring that an eCommerce website is SEO friendly.

There are some useful tips regards descriptions and ensuring that generic information is not indexed by Google.

Article 1: How to make an eCommerce website SEO friendly

Article 2: 7 Critical SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites


Making use of Facebook Insights

A large number of businesses are now making use of Facebook to connect to customers.  One area that is very often overlooked is analysing the data within the Facebook insights.

As a business a lot of information can be obtained such as

  • age
  • demographics
  • when users are most active
  • where likes come from

The Facebook insights application provides a raft of information and if used correctly can provide structure to a social media strategy, allowing the correct types of posts to be constructed to maximise reach and interaction.

There are many articles around regards interpreting Facebook insights – here are  few I’ve used to create presentations:

Article 1: A beginners guide.

Article 2: How to analyse Facebook insights


Using eMail Marketing to make sales

Email Marketing is still a valid channel to find and sell to new and existing customers.  This article highlights 5 potential areas that are often under utilised by businesses to increase sales and customer acquisition / retention.

I have a client making effective use of the Abandoned Cart suggestion already to make effective sales.

Article: Five email marketing lessons from 40 online purchases