Geo Targeting Websites – gTLD, ccTLD

This article revisits the concepts around Domain Names and there relevancy to search engines.  It provides an easy view of the whole Generic and Country Specific Domain names and how they can affect a websites positioning within the various search engines.  In addition there’s a link to a Google Webmasters video explaining how the various domain name structures function, in their eyes.


It strengthens the point that geo-targeting content using a country specific domain name is like “swimming upstream”.  It will be more beneficial for a company to identify a generic domain such as .com / .net / .org or one of the country specific domains that Google recognizes as being a generic TLD.  You can review these domain by reading this article.

When making use of generic top level domains it’s important to identify the need for good site structure and the use of sub-domains which falls into understanding the on-line strategy for the business.

Remember Google allows for top level domain gTLDs to be targeted to specific countries, increasing the visibility in the localised search results for GOOGLE.

Google Webmasters Video – Here Matt Cutts talk about gTLD and ccTLD.