Google Translate – how to know if it’s been used…

This post is in response to a question asked this month via email.

A clients website company has added languages to the existing website and it appears to be making use of Google Translate.

Well here’s a couple of steps to show that it is / isn’t.

  • Does the language dropdown box have a Google Logo inside it / nearby?
  • When you select a language does a box appear at the top of the window showing the percentage of the page that’s been translated, with the ability to then change the language from within this new bar
  • If you view the source of the page – (right click on window and view source) – is it all in English, then Translate is being used.

If the answer is YES to any of these then Google Translate is being used to provide the foreign language versions of the website.

The big problem comes to how much the companies paid fro someone to add a piece of generic script into the website header to enable all the pages to be translated.  Especially if they believe the whole website is going to be translated providing a geo-targeted content to overseas users.