How does Humming Bird change the face of Search Optimisation

Humming Bird is the latest update in the world of Google to clean up and bring relevancy to search results.  Another change however to already ever changing world of search optimisation.

Will it make a differenc to client sites? and How do we now optimise content?

One of the biggest changes you’ll start seeing is the missing keyword data being passed across to Google Analytics keyword reports.  The ‘Not Provided’ value is now responsible for around 90% of all search traffic which means no longer can you dive into the keyowrds to understand users.

Reading the articles it appears taht the focus has swtiched from keywords across to ‘Content’ and the need to create relevant content htat focuses around keywords phrases and users intent.

The role of WebMasters and the Search Query report becomes even more important to assist with recognising keyword opportunities and identifying pages for content optimisation.

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