New gTLDs and Internationalisation

You will have all heard and been sent marketing literature regards the creation of specific domain extensions such as .hotel, .amazon, .football.  However what is the impact of these new Top Level Domain going to have on targeting a website to geo-graphic locations.

Google hasn’t really provided a position on this but thoughts are towards the use of some geo-targeted domains such as location based extensions.  An example would be New York City making use of .nyc and this gives preferences to business operating on that extension for searches in the New York area.  As with the existing top level domain extensions, it’s expected that a level of geo-targeting may need to be employed to focus the sites location.

One is for sure there’s a long way to go and we’ll start seeing specific search based sites that focus purely on specific extensions appearing.  Creating more focused results for searches and perhaps a move away from the main search engines into more niche markets that focus on specifics such as films @ .movie, hotels @ .hotel, Recipes @ .recipe.

There is a complete side of the argument that focused towards the users perception of what they know and understand.  How do you position a new domain extension with your existing or potential new customers without causing confusion.

The linked articles will draw out a selection of thoughts on the areas discussed in brief.  One things for certain is these new domains are coming and we’ll have to understand the on-going implications.

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